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CBD scammers! Beware...

Heavy Metals have been found in over 82% of various CBD brands tested. These are toxic carcinogens.

Horrible or Healing?


CBD oil lends itself to a wide range of health-improving uses such as fighting seizures, alleviating anxiety, curbing inflammation, sleep regulation, regulating blood pressure & blood sugars, chasing the blues away and over 88 other health benefits proven by research.

However, as with essential oils, honey, and all products that you put in or on your body, it’s crucial to make sure the substance is reliably sourced and of high quality, and frankly, is what it SAYS it is!! Often times seemingly healthy products are actually loaded with harmful fillers, heavy metals and glyphosate (from pesticides officially been in federal court last year to be late too many types of cancer). ☠️☠️☠️

Unfortunately, CBD oil is the latest target of this anti-wellness practice: A fake version containing synthetic compounds—not authentic CBD—ultimately made dozens of people really sick.

As of January, 52 people of record had become ill as a result of a CBD poisoning outbreak in Utah, and 31 of those people sought treatment at the emergency room, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those affected by the synthetic CBD experienced symptoms that real CBD is commonly used to treat: nausea, vomiting, seizures, and anxiety.

The CDC notes this is a prime example of why states should regulate products labeled as CBD, which currently does not happen—a dangerous prospect given that there’s a growing demand for CBD products in the wellness and beauty markets.

That’s because CBD is sold without any government regulations or oversight, allowing dishonest companies to sell the consumer snake oil instead of true medicine, according to Martin Lee, a journalist and founder of the advocacy group Project CBD.

“This situation is untenable and… there’s a lot of improving that needs to happen,” Lee said.  “The government has been lying so long about cannabis and now the hemp companies are lying about it in a different way.”

There’s ample evidence to back up Lee’s claims. When researchers bought 84 CBD products online and tested their contents, they found that LESS THAN one-third of the products contained the same amount of CBD that their labels stated, according to a research letter published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Over 40 percent of the products had less CBD than advertised and 26 percent had more CBD than what their labels stated. 

“FDA has tested the chemical content of cannabinoid compounds in some of the products, and many were found to not contain the levels of CBD they claimed to contain,” the FDA’s website says.

Bottom line: There is a lot of bullshit CBD out there! How to not get sucked in to a poor quality CBD or just another pretty label:

1. Does the company manufacture its own products? 

Private labeling CBD is everywhere!! Individuals who want to make a quick buck are finding larger parent companies to stick a label on an already manufactured blend and off to market it goes!  Funny thing is there are 100’s of companies selling the exact same blend all with different labels. 

***This is not the case with Soul Tender CBD.  We have spend much time, effort and money into creating our very own custom “top secret” blends and we work side by side with our manufacturer with FACE TO FACE visits as often as weekly to formulate our organic ethically sourced healing products and to oversee the ENTIRE process from blend to bottle. Our manufacturer is privately owned, run by a close knit family who has been in the organic herbal products business for over 24 years. Soul Tender Wellness searched for 5 years to source the RIGHT growers and manufacturers as there is very LITTLE integrity, quality and honesty overall in the CBD industry. 

2. How does the company source its cannabis? 

You can find a hemp grower on every corner from Kentucky to Oregon, but so what! Hemp, in particular, is a “phytoremediative plant, meaning it pulls up a lot of the compounds, including the toxins and heavy metals from within the ground it’s planted in”—AKA things you definitely don’t want in a product you ingest! 

This is important to note. Not only are 82% of all tested hemp “organic” grower fields in the US, not TRULY organic once thoroughly tested, but also the actual 3rd party testing labs are being paid off to write good reports when the plant being tested is NOT organic and is full of various heavy metals. 

🌱Soul Tender CBD is TRIPLE TESTED from planting to harvest to extraction and then it’s tested ONE MORE TIME for heavy metals, fungus, molds, glyphosate and a long list of other toxins common to hemp plants. 

3. Do you know the company you are getting your CBD from? 

Beware of trendy MLMs popping up selling CBD, as well as CBD being sold in gift shops, kiosks, and especially online! There is no governing body over seeing the content of any CBD label!!! Buyer Beware!!! 

🌱Soul Tender Wellness continues to participate in multiple hemp/cannabis based product and manufacturer trade shows and conferences yearly for the past 6 years doing field research and getting to know all of the “big boys” in the Cannabis world. It goes without saying that many of these companies are funding by big dollar backing with the sole intent to triple their profit, not the intent of bring to market a quality organic clean product that will improve one’s health dramatically. At the heart of the hemp/cannabis industry is MONEY not PLANT BASED MEDICINE!!! Please know this. 

When it comes to the unregulated CBD (which, again, is ALL CBD), it’s crucial for you to do the research. 

To ensure your goal of relieving your anxiety and pain doesn’t exacerbate your symptoms or result in a surprise trip to the emergency room, thanks to a new line of CBD on every corner containing expensive snake oil! 

Please keep these guidelines in mind before you hit that “purchase” button.

The poor quality brands of CBD are rampant containing simple innocent product contaminations, to large scale dissemination of carcinogenic CBD products, quality fraud and test certificate forgery.

People are confused. There are a lot of excited entrepreneurs leaping madly into this CBD frenzy, who know nothing about chemically processing hemp or buying and selling CBD products!!! 

🌱 Soul Tender CBD has been a part of this industry in research mode for almost 6 years now, since owner Debbie Thomas, healed her own stage 3 Cancer by way of CBD and Cannabis 6 years ago. 

🌱 Soul Tender was then created to HELP others HEAL naturally.  Heavy metals were at the base of Debbie’s Cancer and that is why it has taken years to find ethical, pure integrity filled growers who do not allow chemically based pesticides of any sort within their city limits.  It is unlawful in the area we grow our hemp and glyphosate does not ever register on ANY of the 3rd party testing for this reason which is unheard of in this industry. 

There is a lot of innocent ignorance, among many people who contaminate their products accidentally because they simply don’t understand the process, but this is not about making money, it’s about helping people heal FROM THE INSIDE OUT! 

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