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The Journey to Healing Disease Naturally

The journey that lead to this entire product line began 7 years ago as owner, Debbie Kay Thomas, was fighting a battle that seemed to have arrived out of nowhere. She was diagnosed with stage 3 Carcinoma on the left side of her scull and was being told she must get it surgically removed immediately as the Cancer was traveling to lymph nodes throughout the body.  

This seemed so “out of the blue” for a seemingly very healthy 44 year old woman who had spent her life playing sports, working out and eating all the right things. What she did not take into consideration, was that emotionally her life was a complete train wreck finding herself smack dab in the middle of toxic marriage to a pathological liar and con artist.  That is a whole other story that is coming out soon in the form of a book, in hopes of helping 1000’s of others who attract these types of individuals into their lives without ever knowing up front what that they are truly dealing with.

Cancer loves an acidic environment and toxic emotions cause the cells of our body to become very acidic.  This is prime breeding ground for Cancer.  Debbie began researching up to 10 hours a day to find a less invasive route to naturally rid her body of Cancer.  This was her own decision of her own free will, hence the WARRIOR tattoo permanently imprinted on her left arm.

Over the course of the next 9 months, speaking to many others who had traveled the same path, she created and implemented her own 5 point healing protocol to make her body alkaline while ejecting 4 tumors from the left side of her head with no surgery, only nature based tools, one of them being the almighty cannabinoids.  She’s spent 5 years researching and educating herself on the endocannibinoid system that every living body has inherently. This included going back to school to get another degree and becoming a CNHP ~ Certified Natural Health Practitioner.  She has had a thriving practice in both Chandler & Flagstaff Arizona since 2015. One of her favorite areas of specialty has become finding the emotional roots to "dis-ease" to the body.  Hence the name SOUL TENDER: We can not treat the body without out first tending to the SOUL...its all interconnected. 

The long, not for the weary, painful process to fight Cancer untraditionally was a well earned success and this included creating her own homemade formulas that were working wonders for her conditions. The first product birthed was her Face Food skin cream as there was nothing she could find on the market for skincare that did not contain dangerous carcinogens.  This cream has been used by over 700 individuals to date with telling endless true stories of ridding ailments that otherwise seemed impossible.  

The CBD infused drops for both humans & animals were then created next because Debbie could find no others on the market that did not contain ample amounts of heavy metals, glyphosate (linked to Cancer in Federal court as of 2019 found in pesticides, herbicides and Round Up weed killer which is used on many crops including hemp) or artificial chemical based additives, all which are highly toxic to the cells of the body and can lead to Cancer.  She spent many hours, months and years developing organic pure plant based remedies and then adding superfoods like ginger & turmeric to them for an extra added boost of phytonutrients for the cells.  Each formula is triple tested for purity and toxins.  The full spectrum hemp extractions come from an area where pesticides are not allowed whatsoever and are against the law.  The oil is tested at extraction, at arrival to our FDA certified facility and once again tested once mixed into our formulas. 

Creating new and uniquely healing products is the goal at Soul Tender Wellness. Much of Debbie’s Cancer diagnosis was related to mercury in the mouth (as a root cause) based on dental work many years prior, therefore it’s been a labor of love creating a fluoride free CBD colloidal silver toothpaste as well.  She has also gone on to expand her skincare line and topical herbal remedies with great success and tremendous positive feedback.

Debbie partnered with her older awesome brother, Chuck Thomas, to form Soul Tender Wellness LLC. He brings a tremendous amount of financial “smarts” to the table after having been a day trader for nearly 3 decades.  Together they both have worked very hard to make Soul Tender Wellness product line pure, full of integrity and being exactly who they say they are while never compromising any single ingredient, the quality of our extractions or manufacturing procedures.

They realize you have 100’s of CBD companies to choose from, and want you to know that Soul Tender Wellness products are not private labeled (like 90% of them are on the market today), they are custom creations that have many years of clinical testing, trial, research and proven results.  STW is not like the others, yet better in more ways than one!  Their number one goal is to provide customers with pure plant remedies, no added toxins and to be completely transparent in every way.  Many other companies are NOT who they or the label say they are. 


Blessings to each and every one of you on your own personal healing journey.

*Disclaimer: Soul Tender Wellness products are not meant to treat, cure or diagnosis any individual or disease.  We believe in boosting the immune system so that the body can then begin to take care of its own issues.  Please consult your medical practitioner before using any supplements of any kind.

Owner & Warrior Cancer Survivor, Debbie Thomas, formulated each product based on her own healing.
Owner & Warrior Cancer Survivor, Debbie Thomas, formulated each product based on her own healing.

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