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Keeping it in the Family....

Warrior Within


Soul Tender Wellness was created by a sister/brother team!  

Sister, Debbie Thomas, has her own personal journey with Cancer 5 years ago. She chose to go an alternative route to heal stage 3 Carcinoma and designed her own 9 month protocol after interviewing those that had healed their own Cancer naturally from all around the world. 

Part of her healing protocol including digesting CBD oil. After conquering Cancer by giving her body what it needed to heal itself, she decided to go back to school to study Naturopathy. She opened her own private practice to help others understand how the body can heal itself if given the proper tools to do so.  

She is proud Mom to 3 kids: Sam, Chancellor & Brooklin and also to 3 Doodles: Bo, Cooper & Dixie. Debbie lives at 7000 feet at the base of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona.

She has a private practice at NACET, Northern AZ Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, in Flagstaff.  

Chuck & Debbie began Soul Tender Wellness CBD product line after searching for several years for a truly organic based CBD grower that uses no pesticides or chemicals on their crops.  Their passion is to HEAL others from the inside out.


Living Live to the Fullest


Co Owner Chuck Thomas has made it his life‘s passion to be outdoors as much as humanly possible!  You can usually find Chuck scaling the highest peak, snowshoeing in the back country, fly fishing in the middle of nowhere, kayaking class 5 rapids or mountain biking steep gritty treacherous terrain...all in the same day!

Chuck has a passion for adventure, world wide travel, extreme athletics, pushing his body to the ultimate limits and exploring the unknown on his own two feet (or two wheels or two skis).  As a former sponsored member of Team Timex, Chuck has traveled the globe doing mountain bike races, 5 day adventure races and triathalons that began for him at age 16. He is the picture portrait of an avid outdoor enthusiast with his camera never far behind, packed somewhere in his gear to document each and every escapade!

He is a gifted photographer with a keen eye for capturing the unexplainable bliss & beauty of nature combined with human exploration. 

He lives a healthy “green” life in majestic Bend, Oregon with his equally athletically gifted wife Marsha and their beloved sweetheart dog Stella. CBD has become a staple for Chuck as he digests it before and after competitions for general aches & pains, focus, endurance, muscle recovery and occasional injuries.  

Animals Great & Small...we love them ALL!


We created 4 Legs CBD Organic products to enhance the quality of our pet’s lives. With 4 dogs between both Chuck & Debbie, and having grown up on a 500 acre farm with horses, cows, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and even a raccoon...we want to offer the very best plant based organic healing CBD  for our furry friends!